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Communicate with Clients
Track Events & Collect Information
Manage Your Music, Selections & Enhancements
All In One System

What is SMPL Events System?

SMPL EVENTS is much more than a CRM – it's all-in-one Event Planning & Management software that puts the power of running your entire event business under one roof. Marketing, Lead Collection, Communication, Contracts, Event Preparation, Music Request Management – all can be handled and managed through SMPL Events System.

Our Motto
Keep It SMPL
Professional DJs & Event MCs
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SMPL Events Package


+$49.99 setup


  • SMPL System CRM
  • Custom System URL
  • Dedicated, Customized Database
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Records
  • Form Builder
  • Integrated Email
  • Responsive Dashboard
  • eMarketing Suite
  • Drip Marketing/Automation
  • Document/Contract Templates
  • Invoicing/Transactions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Equipment & Staff Management
  • Timelines
  • Quote Generator
Event Features


these features are included as part of our Events package
Song Search/List Field(s)
Spotify List Import/Export
Event Client Portal
Wedding Wire Lead Import
The Knot Lead Import
Crate Hackers Export


Additional Services


Auto Email Import
Custom Built Website*
Website Hosting
Equipment Manager
Equipment QR Code Scanner
* one time fee for the creative build of the website, after completed the website & editor monthly fee of $25.00 is applied


It's been amazing, I can customize all of their planning tools, everything the way I want it done.

Joe SeylerThe Sounds DJ Entertainment ServicesToronto, Canada