It's been amazing, I can customize all of their planning tools, everything the way I want it done.

Joe SylerThe Sound DJ Entertainment ServicesToronto Canada

SMPL System has realy allowed my to bridge that gap and take all the pressure off of me for the things I didn't realy want to do.

Pat MahnDigital Musicians EntertainmentNew York

If I didn't have SMPL Events this season it would have crushed me. Allowed me to keep it all organized.

Mathew JubaBPM EntertainmentAnkorage, Alaska

I'm able to do more gigs with SMPL Events just because I don't spend so much time organizing my events.

Brian McGannStylez EntertainmentNew York




SMPL Events Package


  • SMPL System CRM
  • Custom System URL
  • Dedicated, Customized Database
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Records
  • Form Builder
  • Integrated Email
  • Responsive Dashboard
  • eMarketing Suite
  • Drip Marketing/Automation
  • Document/Contract Templates
  • Invoicing/Transactions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Equipment & Staff Management
  • Timelines
  • Quote Generator


SMPL Events Package


+$49.99 setup