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Spring 2022 Release Notes

Dynamic Event Enhancements – extension of the Dynamic Event Forms toolset allowing the event planner to set up specific field sets that become available IF the specific enhancement is chosen for the specific event.

Custom Google Calendar Push – customize what fields get pushed over to Google Calendar and review before pushing to your calendaring system.

Travel Fee Calculator – using the distance to the venue address, and applying a rate per mile beyond a set distance. Calculate travel fees and easily integrate into your quote or event record.

Product Select Field Type – a new field type that allows the user to connect images to the selectable options and then present image options to the user in the client portal. Great for photobooth backdrops and up-lighting options.

Universal Client Portal – a complete re-write and improvement of the client portal code, integrating dynamic enhancement fields, and custom event portal parameters (set days till cut off, pay info and pay button on a per event basis if needed).

Crate Hackers Custom Export Folders – new tool that allows you to create export templates in your system that when exported to Crate Hackers will place songs and song lists into specific configured folders. Use one export template for weddings and another for corporate events. No limit to how many templates or configuration you want to use.

New Development: Twilio, Crate Hackers, Spotify

We are currently working on a connection to Twilio. This integration with Twilio will enable SMS/Text Messaging and Voice calling from within your SMPL System, turning your CRM into a full communication hub where all your business emails, texts, and calls can be kept track of.

Also, we just added connections to Crate Hackers and Spotify. If you are a Crate Hackers member, we encourage you to watch their podcast which originally aired on Thursday, October 14, 2021. DJ Brian "Stylez" McGann presented the SMPL Events System in its entirety, including the brand-new songlist management features. We also are planning a Facebook Live presentation in the near future. Follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Crate Hackers Spotify



What is SMPL Events?

SMPL Events is CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-Marketing, and Website-Hosting Software built specifically for DJs, Musicians, Wedding and Event Planners, Photographers, Venues, and other Event Professionals.


SMPL Events is perfect for DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, Musicians, Event Planners
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